Best YouTube Channels to Watch Movies for Free

Do you like movies and want free content? I have the solution for you and that is to use one of the best YouTube channels to watch free movies. The digital age has brought with it new possibilities for entertainment and this platform is one that you should take advantage of.

Not only will you be able to watch free movies on YouTube, but it will also be completely legal and of high quality. However, not everyone knows the tricks to do it and that is why in this article I show them to you.

Best YouTube channels to watch free movies

In the following list, I leave you my selection of YouTube channels to watch free box office movies, both in Spanish and English subtitles. In this way, you will access a wide variety of audiovisual content of various genres. And if you want to watch some offline, check out these apps to download YouTube videos on Android or download YouTube videos on iPhone for free.


This channel offers a wide variety of classic, cult and independent films, available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Its catalog is updated frequently and maintains the release quality of its time.

Without a doubt, it is an excellent option if you are a fan of old movies. In fact, it has titles that have marked the history of cinema, such as The Godfather, Rocky, Psycho, Metropolis and many more.

2. Artflix – Classic Movies

As for Artflix, it is another channel that provides classic titles with HD quality and a variety of content. To be more specific, you will find a large collection of movies, from comedies and dramas to westerns and horror.

The coolest thing of all is that it has good audio, something that is difficult to achieve in this type of classic delivery. Some of the ones you can enjoy on this list are El Cid, Viridiana, Los Olvidados and others similar.

3. Popcornflix

What movies are on YouTube complete for free? Popcornflix has the answer to that question. Unlike the previous ones, this channel has a variety of Hollywood movies. I’m not talking about titles from yesteryear, but about current box office hits.

Their catalog is updated frequently and you can find films such as The Invisible Man, The Wolf of Wall Street, La La Land, 12 Years a Slave and Whiplash. Of course, most of these videos are in English, but with the option of Spanish subtitles. Remember that Popcornflix is ​​one of the best apps to watch free movies.

4. The movie

If you like romance and drama, The Movie could be what you are looking for. It is dedicated solely to uploading content of complete love movies or series in good quality.

The only disadvantage is that sometimes it tends to upload movies that are long in parts. Beyond this, it is still a great option today, especially since it keeps its content free.

5. Fandor

To be exact, it is mainly dedicated to uploading trailers of new releases from the world of cinema and streaming platforms. Although Fandor is not a movie YouTube channel, it occasionally uploads the occasional relevant title so you can watch it for free.

However, they are only available in English. So how to watch YouTube movies in Spanish? The trick is to put subtitles from the bottom right of the screen.

6. Public Domain Films

Public Domain Films could also meet your expectations of watching free movies in Spanish without registration and complete. However, their list focuses on much older classics, from the black and white era.

Therefore, if you are truly a film lover, perhaps some of the instalments in their catalog will catch your attention. Among his titles are Escape from Sobibor, Penny Serenade and others like that.

Definitely, these are the best YouTube channels to watch free movies. You can also find movies to watch on YouTube by just searching for the movie title. If any of them have helped you, leave me your comment and share this article so that others can see it. Don’t miss our articles with the best apps to watch anime, how to watch private YouTube videos without permission or how to download movies for free and fast in 2024.

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