eWEEK TweetChat, May 14th: Optimizing Generative AI

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On Tuesday, May 14th at 11 AM PST, eWeek will host its monthly #eWEEKChat. The topic will be Optimizing Generative AI, and it will be moderated by James Maguire, eWEEK’s Editor-in-Chief.

In this TweetChat, held on the X platform, experts will share practical advice about how business users can derive the most competitive advantage from generative AI. Clearly, generative AI is a technology with enormous potential, yet also one with considerable challenges and risks. How can businesses navigate the pros and cons of generative AI, even as it constantly changes?

See below for the resources you need to participate in the eWeek Tweetchat.

Participants List: Optimizing Generative AI

The list of experts for this month’s TweetChat currently includes the following – please check back for additional expert guests:

Bristlecone’s Head of AI and Analytics, Shipra Sharma,

  • Bernard Golden, Executive Technical Advisor, VMware 
  • Shipra Sharma, Head of AI and Analytics, Bristlecone
  • Andi Mann, Global CTO and Founder, Sageable
  • Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research
  • James Maguire, Editor-in-Chief, eWeek [moderator]

TweetChat Questions: Optimizing Generative AI

The questions we’ll tweet about will include the following – check back for more/revised questions:

  1. First, the big question: do you believe the hype about generative AI? That it will disrupt everything in its path and completely reshape business?
  2. Okay, about you personally: Where are you with your use of generative AI? Occasional use, researching, real work support?
  3. Assuming you don’t use gen AI non-stop, what keeps you from using it more? What’s the biggest weakness in gen AI in your view?
  4. What advice would you give to businesses to get more value from generative AI?
  5. What’s your sense of how receptive companies are to using gen AI more?
  6. What about security and generative AI? Is gen AI the security quagmire it appears to be? How to address these concerns?
  7. Other concerns about generative AI? Accuracy of response, job losses? What’s your advice to companies?
  8. Looking ahead, what business sectors will most immediately be changed/reshaped by gen AI? Any recommendations for these sectors’ managers?
  9. What’s one last big thought that your tech colleagues should know about optimizing the benefit of generative AI?

How to Participate in the TweetChat

The chat begins promptly at 11 AM PT on May 14th. To participate:

  1. Open Twitter in your browser. You’ll use this browser to Tweet your replies to the moderator’s questions.

2. Open Twitter in a second browser. On the menu to the left, click on Explore. In the search box at the top, type in #eweekchat. This will open a column that displays all the questions and all the panelists’ replies.

Remember: you must manually include the hashtag #eweekchat for your replies to be seen by that day’s tweetchat panel of experts.

That’s it — you’re ready to go. Be ready at 8 AM PST to participate in the tweetchat.

NOTE: There is sometimes a few seconds of delay between when you tweet and when your tweet shows up in the #eWeekchat column.

#eWEEKchat Tentative Schedule for 2024*

January 16: Governing Generative AI
February 13: Data Analytics Best Practices
March 12: How Tech Pros Get the Most From AI
April 16: Managing Multicloud Computing
May 14: Optimizing Generative AI
June 11: Mid-Year Look Ahead: Future of Tech

*all topics subject to change

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