Google partners with HP to commercialize Project Starline for realistic virtual meetings

Google has announced its collaboration with HP to commercialize Project Starline, a technology designed to make people feel as if they’re together even when miles apart. This partnership aims to bring the experience out of the lab and into the workplace, revolutionizing how distributed teams and individuals connect.

First introduced in 2021, Project Starline uses advancements in AI, 3D imaging, and other technologies to create an immersive communication experience. It functions like a “magic window,” allowing users to talk, gesture, and make eye contact as if they were in the same room. After extensive testing across Google offices and with enterprise partners, the technology has demonstrated that it can transform meetings, enhancing attentiveness, memory recall, and the overall sense of presence.

Animated GIFs shared by Google illustrate the impact of Project Starline: a person gestures in American Sign Language while their counterpart laughs, a virtual meeting participant smiles warmly, and colleagues exchange a virtual high-five. These images capture the essence of Starline’s ability to create authentic human connections.

The commercialization phase is set to begin in 2025, with HP leveraging its expertise in computing and investment in Poly’s collaboration solutions to deliver innovative experiences. According to Alex Cho, President of Personal Systems at HP, “With more than half of meaning and intent communicated through body language versus words alone, an immersive collaboration experience plays an important role in creating authentic human connections in hybrid environments. We are proud to partner with Google to bring this technology to market, harnessing the power of AI to shape the future of collaboration.”

By integrating Starline with popular video conferencing services like Google Meet and Zoom, Google and HP aim to make this transformative technology widely accessible. This collaboration represents a step toward a world where virtual connections feel as genuine as face-to-face interactions.

More details about Project Starline and its commercialization will be shared later this year. For additional information, visit

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