How to Block Someone on TikTok

Can you block someone on TikTok? Well, the answer to this question is Yes. And, with the help of this article, we are bringing forward the major techniques to block someone on TikTok with ease. 

TikTok is a fun and interactive way of interacting with other creators and social media influencers, it needs no introduction. But while using TikTok, you may come across some users or videos that you may not like. In such a case, the best solution is to block the content or profile of such a user. Doing this will allow you to block the content generated by the said users. You won’t see his/her videos in your feed anymore.

With the help of this article, we are addressing how to block someone on TikTok.

Methods to Unblock/Block a User on TikTok

In the coming sections of this article, we will learn how to unblock or block someone on TikTok. There are multiple methods or techniques that you can use to do this. All these methods are explained below for your ease. Go through all the solutions beforehand and then use them as required to block or unblock at your convenience.

How Can You Unblock Someone on TikTok?

In the event that you feel that you have accidentally blocked someone, or if there is someone on your list of banned accounts who publishes videos that are popular and you wish to view them, TikTok provides you the opportunity to unblock them. It may be approached from two different angles. Let’s take a look at how to unblock on TikTok, & then you may choose which features to utilize.

Unblock Using the Blocked List:

This technique may also be used for unblocking in large quantities or bulk.

  1. Log in to your profile and take a look at your profile page.
  2. The hamburger symbol may be seen in the upper right area of your screen or there may be three lines running horizontally, tap/click on the same to proceed.tiktok-profile
  3. Make your selection from your menu for Settings and Privacy.tiktok settings and privacy
  4. This time, choose Privacy.
  5. At the very bottom of the page, you will see the option to display blocked accounts. Choose to do so.display blocked accounts of tiktok
  6. You may now see all of the accounts that you have banned. To remove the block on the accounts you wish to remove, you need to pick the Unblock option.

Unblock Using the User’s Profile:

With this method below, you will be proceeding to block a person from their profile by following all of the necessary procedures.

  1. Make your way to the profile that you wish to unblock (search for a profile or find otherwise).
  2. On the profile, the arrow visible in the upper right corner should be clicked/tapped.
  3. From your menu, choose the Unlock icon.

What will happen if I accidentally block someone from TikTok? Let’s have a look at the answer to this question right below.

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What Occurs When You Block Someone on TikTok & What That Means?

Following the blocking of an account, there are a number of activities that a person will no longer be proceeding to do. Let’s take a look at what it means to blacklist someone on TikTok:

  • Your profile, as well as any videos you upload to TikTok Live and other videos, will be hidden from the person who has banned you. It will seem as if you have vanished from the world of their TikTok.
  • All direct messages and chat messages sent from the prohibited account will be terminated immediately. There will be no more direct messages. Your peace of mind will be unaffected by any unwelcome contact.
  • There will be no more duets or reactions to your videos from the banned account. Duets and responses to your videos will be stopped. This indicates that they will not be proceeding to produce videos in conjunction with yours or respond to the information that you post.
  • This means that the person who has been banned will no longer be proceeding to leave comments on the videos you post. It will no longer be necessary to deal with those unfavorable or unwelcome remarks, and you will be proceeding to create

That is absolutely irrefutable at this point. A banned account will not be proceeding to communicate with you in any manner on TikTok since the site prevents such communication. On the other hand, if you block an account, you will no longer be proceeding to see the stuff that they have been posting. So, if you, a TikTok user, are comfortable doing the same, then let’s learn the methods to block a user on TikTok.

How to Block Someone on TikTok? (Bulk Method)

In the event that you are the focus of a hating section of users & continue to get hostile comments on the material you post, TikTok provides you with the convenient option of barring many users at once. If you have been wondering, we have the ultimate solution for you.

As a measure to safeguard both yourself & your followers, the ultimate solution that you may consider is blocking spammers and fraudsters in bulk. On TikTok, you have the ability to block a maximum of one hundred users at once without having to go to the profiles of each person. Now, let’s take a look at how to ban many users on TikTok at once.

  1. Click/tap and hold the comment(s) from the account you wish to block for a long time. Simply touch the pencil symbol located in the top left corner of your screen. It will provide you with a variety of choices.
  2. Select Manage multiple comment(s) from your menu. It will provide you the ability to choose several comments from people who you believe are engaging in fraudulent activity or are making comments that are of a hostile nature. Choose all the accounts you wish, up to a maximum of one hundred.
  3. There will be two choices available to you. Choose to put accounts on hold.
  4. Confirmation will be requested from you by TikTok. Use the Block accounts option once more.

So, this is a straightforward method that is both efficient and effective for getting rid of undesirable accounts in a matter of minutes. If you wish to block one user on TikTok, then the coming sessions will list and explain the methods to do the same on desktop and smartphone.

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How to Block A User Using a Desktop?

Note: Before proceeding to the steps, allow us to assure you that although we have described the process to block someone on TikTok through a Windows device, the process for the macOS is the same as well. 

If you, a TikTok user, are using a desktop version of TikTok, this is how you block someone on TikTok. Proceed with the steps that are listed below.

  1. Use your desktop computer to log in to your TikTok account.
  2. Find the profile of the person you wish to block and click on it. You have the option of searching the profile using the Search Bar, through the Notifications page, or through the ‘For You’ page.
  3. When you are on the user profile, move your mouse pointer to the three dots and click on it.
  4. The next step is to choose the Block option.
  5. Assuming that you are certain to block, you should then confirm the message, and you will be done!

This is how you can easily block anyone using the desktop version of TikTok. To learn the process for a smartphone, use the next solution.

How to Block A User Using a Smartphone?

Note: Before proceeding to the steps, allow us to assure you that although we have described the process to block someone on TikTok through an Android device, the process for the iPhone or iPad is the same as well. 

To our good fortune, TikTok eases it to deny access to a user. The following instructions will walk you through the process to block someone on TikTok, allowing you to have a positive experience while using the platform.

  1. Sign in using the TikTok app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the profile of the person whose account you wish to ban. In a few different methods, you may locate profiles:
    Notices and Alerts: In the event that you previously blocked a user who has recently liked or commented on your material, you will be proceeding to see their profile via the alerts you get.
    Search Bar: If you, a TikTok user, are aware of their username, you may locate their profile by using the search bar.
    For You: In the event that their video is shown on your “For You” tab, you may access their profile by tapping on their username.
  3. If you, a TikTok user, are currently on the user’s profile, you should search for the arrow labeled “Share” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. The option for sharing is represented by these dots.
  4. To block anyone, choose Block from the option that appears. A confirmation notice will display, asking you whether you are prepared to go forward with the process.
  5. To complete the procedure, you must confirm the block by clicking the Confirm button that is located on the confirmation message. Following the completion of this action, TikTok will stop that account from engaging with you in the future.

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What are the Reasons for Blocking Someone on TikTok?

Let’s spend some time thinking about the “why” after going to the “how” part. It is not about passing judgment on another person when you block them on TikTok; rather, it is about protecting your safety while you are using the internet. The following are some of the reasons why you may want to think about pressing the block button:

  • To Manage Your Feed Content

By disabling an account, you may also delete the material that they have posted on your “For You” tab, which will significantly improve the quality of your TikTok experience.

  • In Order to Take Control of the Privacy

It is possible that banning someone might be a useful privacy precaution in situations when you do not want that person to see your material.

  • To Remove Unfavorable Energy Waves

Despite the fact that TikTok is primarily a platform for creative expression, you may on occasion come across comments that are critical or unpleasant. By preventing the origin of these remarks from appearing on your profile, you are doing both yourself and your followers a service by maintaining a good attitude.

  • Attempting to Avoid Unwanted Attention

It is possible for TikTok to attract fans who are not interested in you, and they may send you unwelcome messages or harass you with remarks. Once you block them, you will be proceeding to restore your area to shine with your TikTok promotion.

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Summing Up: How to Block Someone on TikTok?

TikTok does not send out notices when someone is banned, thus you do not need to be concerned about the account that has been blocked getting an alert during the blocking process. After you have removed someone from your contact list, they will no longer be proceeding to communicate with you, see your postings, or locate your profile. But there are a few notable exceptions to this rule. It will still be possible for you to take part in the same group conversations and watch the same livestreams from time to time.

If you have any other queries, feel free to connect with us using the comments section below.

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