Learn Windows PowerShell for just $17

If you’re a Windows system administrator or aspiring to become one, you can learn PowerShell scripting online, in your own time, with The 2024 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle.

Everybody feels like they have too much to do and not enough time these days. For IT professionals and systems administrators, however, there’s a way to make life a little easier. Microsoft PowerShell — often referred to as Windows PowerShell — is one of the best tools on the market for automating administrative tasks when working on a Windows Server or workstation, but there is a learning curve that not everybody is prepared to embark upon.

About this bundle

Even if you have no experience with Windows PowerShell, you’ll find this bundle useful. At the start, you’ll get a tour of PowerShell, learn the advanced settings and customization options available in Syncovery, and use Windows Event Viewer, Task Scheduler and Task Manager.

You’ll get started with PowerShell scripting, learning basic command lines, understanding the underlying concepts of PowerShell and learning how to integrate PowerShell with non-Microsoft projects. Eventually, you’ll learn advanced scripting techniques, understand Active Directory management using Windows PowerShell and use PowerShell as an automation tool. By the end of the courses, you’ll be able to use PowerShell with a range of Windows tools to automate tasks, handle files, pull reports and much more — saving you valuable time.

Go from Windows PowerShell zero to Windows PowerShell hero, and learn the essentials with this fantastic deal. Right now, you can get The 2024 Windows PowerShell Certification Bundle for just $16.97 through May 12 at TechRepublic Academy.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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