Marvel SNAP Players, There’s a New Season to Play

A new season of Marvel SNAP is upon us, complete with new locations, new characters, and I’m sure plenty of new ways to lose close matches. It’s ok, it happens.

This month, we’ll see five new characters released into the game, from Blink, this month’s season pass card, to Sasquatch which will be the season’s last Spotlight Cache card. For Blink (a 5 cost, 7 power card), the text is, “On Reveal: Swap the last card you played with a higher-Cost card from your deck.” That could prove nice, though, likely won’t redefine the meta.

Below is the full list of new cards coming to SNAP.

New Characters

  • Blink (5 Cost, 6 Power)
    • On Reveal: Swap the last card you played with a higher-Cost card from your deck.
  • Nocturne (3 Cost, 5 Power)
    • You can move this once. When this moves, replace its location with a random new one.
  • Sage (3 Cost, 0 Power)
    • On Reveal: +2 Power for each different Power among all other cards here.
  • Namora (5 Cost, 5 Power)
    • On Reveal: Give +5 Power to each of your cards alone at another location.
  • Sasquatch (6 Cost, 10 Power)
    • Costs 1 less for each card you played last turn.

New Locations

  • Panoptichron: Cards that didn’t start in your deck get +2 Power here.
  • Cancun: Power here doesn’t count toward winning the game.

The new season is live right now on all platforms. I’ll see you on the road to Infinite.

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