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The large streaming providers can ostensibly report quite good developments in customer numbers, but they are also struggling with serious problems. The real use of the video platforms from Netflix is declining.

Disney is hit hard

In a recent research note intended to provide investors with independent data on various stocks, Bank of America pointed to a 4 percent decline in monthly active users across all streaming offerings, including the three industry giants Netflix, Paramount ,and Disney. This was reported by the Reuters news agency.

Netflix, which had just proudly announced growth in its subscriber numbers, experienced a decline of 8 percent in active users. The number of films and series viewed also fell by 6 percent. According to market researchers, an even greater decline was recorded for Disney Plus: active users fell by 10 percent, while the number of accesses fell by 26 percent.

According to the experts, there are various reasons for this development, which come together in the individual figures. It definitely has an effect that the comparative data from the previous year still had the after-effects of the Corona boom. During the pandemic, the use of streaming services reached a peak because many people were often at home and other activities could only be carried out to a limited extent.

Worse user experience

But you can also see the effects of the action against password sharing here. This brought a whole series of new subscriptions to Netflix, for example, but at the same time the use of individual accounts fell sharply.

The providers’ focus on the new advertising-financed low-cost tariffs should also not be despised. In particular, customers who previously used the basic subscriptions are being driven into these models. Here you quickly become annoyed by the advertisements and simply use the service less than before.


  • Streaming services like Netflix are seeing a decline in active users
  • Bank of America reports 4% fewer overall monthly active users
  • Netflix experiences 8% decline in active users and 6% decline in views
  • Disney Plus shows even greater losses with 10% fewer users
  • Corona boom year as a basis for comparison leads to distorted growth data
  • Anti-password sharing measures reduce usage per account
  • Advertising-supported plans result in lower usage due to commercial interruptions

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