Nintendo To Launch Switch Successor This Year – Research Snipers

Fans and experts have been waiting for an announcement about the Switch successor for months and even years, but the Japanese company is taking all the time in the world to do so. But now it has at least been confirmed that the revelation will take place in “this fiscal year”.

Nintendo Direct in June, but without Switch 2

There are now numerous rumors and leaks about the Switch successor, but Nintendo is still in no particular hurry to introduce the new console. It has already been confirmed that the device is in the works and will come, but details have been handled very sparingly so far. But now Nintendo boss Shuntaro Furukawa has released a statement via Twitter that has good and bad news to offer.

According to Furukawa, Nintendo will hold a Nintendo Direct stream in June but said there will be no information about the new console there. But he also said that Nintendo would announce the successor to the Nintendo Switch “this fiscal year” (via VGC ).

Furukawa said: “It has been over nine years since we announced the existence of the Nintendo Switch in March 2015. We will be holding a Nintendo Direct in June this year about the Nintendo Switch software offering for the second half of 2024, but please note that the Nintendo Switch successor will not be mentioned in this presentation.”

This fiscal year does not necessarily mean the calendar year 2024, because Nintendo’s internal fiscal year ends in March 2025. However, the successor is long overdue, especially economically: Nintendo has predicted a around 14 percent decline in console sales for this fiscal year. In the year up to the end of 2024, 15.7 million Switch consoles were sold, exceeding their own expectations (15.5 million). Next year there will only be 13.5 million devices. In short: It’s time for Switch 2.

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