Pokémon has sold more games on Nintendo Switch than any other platform

The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the best consoles that not only Nintendo has created, but also by any company competing in the space. It has portability, a great library of games, and a bunch of everyone’s favorite monster catching titles – Pokemon.

Not everything has been Sunlforas and Alcremies though when it comes to Pokemon releases on the Switch with some entries being somewhat lackluster not to mention the poor performance.

However, it hasn’t deterred both diehard fans and children getting into the series for the first time, as the Switch has officially surpassed any other system Nintendo has produced when it comes to sales of mainline Pokemon games.

This information comes after the most recent yearly earning report from Nintendo who stated that Scarlet & Violet has shipped another 560k copies since the start of 2024, bringing the grand total from launch to almost 25 million. Pair this with Sword & Shield’s 26 million and other main games such as Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, and you’ll reach a whopping 96 million units sold.

This figure is obviously astronomical but also somewhat surprising considering the flack most of Game Freak’s creations have got since launching on the platform. What the number does do though is firmly cement the Switch as the number one place for mainline Pokemon games since the second place contender – Game Boy/Game Boy Color – only managing 75 million.

What this shows is that gamers are hungry for Pokemon titles now more than ever and despite the issues that this console generation has faced, it is a franchise that will only increase in popularity.

With Pokemon Legends: Z-A set for 2025 alongside the potential of the next iteration of the Switch, there’s still time for that 95 million to go even further. Maybe even breaking the 100 million barrier if the rumors are true that the Switch 2 will be backwards compatible, potentially meaning new Pokemon titles will release on both platforms.

Either way, give me more Pokemon, Nintendo, I’ll try my best to get you over the 100 million line.

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