Samsung Slaps Galaxy Watch 6 to Free in BOGO Move

Buying a Galaxy Watch 6 is never a bad idea, since it’s one of the best smartwatches on the planet. You really can’t go wrong with Samsung’s latest wearables because they offer all of the features you could need, from tracking health to swiftly running apps or lasting for more than a day on a charge, these are top tier smartwatches.

What if you could get one for free? At the moment, you can as long as you are willing to buy one first. Yes, we have a BOGO deal from Samsung to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Galaxy Watch 6 BOGO free deal: For many years, the BOGO situation in tech turned into a confusing mess that often required contracts or trade-ins or whatever else mega-companies had cooked up to try and convince you to spend lots of money on their products. For this BOGO deal from Samsung, it’s like the old days – a straight-forward buy one, get one free deal for the Galaxy Watch 6.

NOTE: This deal is only for the Galaxy Watch 6, not the Watch 6 Classic.

To get this deal, you head over to Samsung’s site (here), configure a Galaxy Watch 6 (either size works, plus choose Bluetooth or LTE models) and then add to cart. You can then switch the quantity to “2” in your cart and see an exact copy watch added with a $0.00 price tag. You could also head back to the Galaxy Watch 6 page, configure another watch and then add it to cart. Either way gets you one of the watches for free.

Galaxy Watch 6 Deal

I should point out that Samsung seems to be giving you the more expensive option you choose for free. As an example, you can see above where I added both 44mm ($329) and 40mm ($299) watches to cart with custom band choices and received the 44mm version free.

This is a good one! Probably the best Galaxy Watch 6 deal to date.

Samsung Deal Link

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