The best automatic pet feeders of 2024

It’s hard to keep wet food fresh in an automatic feeder, and while most other brands on the market use ice packs to do so, Petlibro’s Polar Wet Food Automatic Feeder utilizes semiconductor cooling technology that acts like a refrigerator to keep wet food fresh and cold for up to three days. 

Review: My cat Norbert gives this automatic wet food feeder two paws up

I was able to go hands-on with this device and after trying it out with my cat, Norbert, for a week, I rest easier knowing he won’t be waiting up for us to get home for his wet food dinner. For more extended weekend getaways, this will be a lifesaver for us to ensure his feeding schedule remains the same. 

You can set up a feeding schedule on the accompanying Petlibro app, but you can even make sure your pet ate its food thanks to the Anti-Pinch infrared lid sensor, which tracks how long your pet was eating at the device, ensuring it doesn’t close on your furry friend mid-feed. However, you can also customize how long the food compartment stays open (up to 30 minutes) if your pet is a slow eater or a grazer. 

One Reddit user noted that the feeder saves them from having to get up early to feed their cat, and that it does well keeping the wet food (even specialized wet food) cool. 

Petlibro Polar Wet Food Automatic Feeder features: Holds 220ml of wet food | Semiconductor cooling technology keeps wet food fresh for up to 3 days | Accompanying app 

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