TOZO OpenEgo True Wireless Open Ear Headphone

Techday NZ has been given a ton of TOZO headphones over the past year or so, and they are all usually high-quality products. Unlike Apple’s overpriced AirPods, TOZO products are great and should be affordable for most people in your family or friends group. 

Today, we review another product from the TOZO family, and this new headphone is called the TOZO OpenEgo True Wireless Open Ear Headphone. While most TOZOs have the same function, this particular model has a feature that I haven’t seen before in any headphones I have ever used in the past. 

The one thing that makes the TOZO OpenEgo so unique is its cool-looking charging case. The charging case has a small LED digital display that shows how much juice is left. To my surprise, the charging case had 100% power when I just opened it. 

The charging case provides 30 hours of charge time, so you don’t have to constantly connect it all of the time. The LED digital display is really cool because it’s much more helpful than just a small battery image like other chargers. 

Aside from the cool charging case, the TOZO OpenEgo also comes with the headphones themselves, plus a USB Type-C cable. As I already mentioned, the TOZO OpenEGO headphones are really affordable because they are now available on Amazon Australia for just only $62.72. 

Much like other TOZO products, it’s very easy to connect the headphones to your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. Once you take out the headphones from the charging case, they turn on, and all you need to do is pair them with your smartphone. When you don’t need to use them, put them back in the charging case to use them for another day. 

As expected, the TOZO OpenEgo headphones have excellent and clear sound quality. Since I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan (don’t laugh), I listened to her new album called The Tortured Poets Department and it was great. The TOZOs were able to produce a good sound for its relatively low price. 

What’s even better is that you can further tinker with the sound quality using the accompanying TOZO app. This way, you can listen to the music you want, whether you like big bass or other sound settings you may desire. 

Even though I enjoyed my time using the TOZO OpenEgo headphones, there are a few flaws that somewhat dampened my experience with them. The worst thing about the OpenEgo is its weird shape. For some reason, they cannot stay properly on my ears when I’m walking. 

Either my head is too big, or the shape doesn’t suit me. The OpenEgo would fall off every time I put them on and walked briskly with them. They stay on my head when I’m at home sitting down though. They just refuse to stay on when I go for my daily walks. 

Another thing that might disappoint some people is that the TOZO OpenEgo does not have any noise-cancelling capabilities. This isn’t advertised as a noise-cancelling product, but I thought I’d let people know since these headphones cannot cancel out loud traffic if you’re walking near a busy street. 

Aside from a few flaws, the TOZO OpenEgo is still a quality product that is offered for a really affordable price. I would recommend buying these if you’re on a budget and need wireless headphones since some smartphones don’t feature headphone jacks anymore!


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