Who Makes Harbor Freight’s Corded Hammer Drills & How Much Do They Cost?

Even though the aforementioned hammer drills by Bauer, Warrior, and Hercules, in addition to other tools and brands, are owned by Harbor Freight, the company itself isn’t directly responsible for their creation. According to the Harbor Freight website, contracted manufacturers are responsible for creating its products, and it buys these tools directly from them to sell under its brand names. So, how does this process impact the consumer and their wallet?

The Harbor Freight site claims that some of these factories are where other top tool brands get their supply, making the quality comparable to the competition. The site adds that the contracting process allows the removal of the middleman, thus making it so that its tools are sold to customers at the best prices possible. While there are some tools you should think twice about buying at Harbor Freight, in most cases, the price and quality of its products are both well-suited for the average laborer and can get most jobs done with ease.

All of this is to say that if you’re looking for a corded hammer drill in the aisles of Harbor Freight with a strong quality-to-price ratio, you have some great options to choose from.

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