Apple crushed gadgets in its iPad Pro ad, but LG did it first

Apple wasn’t the first to destroy multiple creative gadgets just to promote its iPad Pro 2024 edition. LG put out an ad way back in 2008 to showcase the capabilities of the LG Renoir KC910. The promotional campaign crushed several instruments in a remarkably similar manner.

Apple’s iPad Pro ad polarizes internet users, and not in a good way

Apple recently published an ad to promote its upcoming iPad Pro. The advertisement shows several gadgets, toys, and musical instruments being crushed under a giant hydraulic press.

There’s no doubt Apple intended to position the new iPad Pro as a worthy replacement for all the items the press destroyed. Moreover, the iPhone maker also hinted at the slim profile of the tablet. As expected, the ad raised many eyebrows and kicked up a storm online.

Many questioned Apple’s motives, while others lamented how creativity was butchered at capitalism’s alter to try and satiate the never-ending greed of business.

Apple is regularly criticized for its capitalistic business practices. It was also one of the biggest opponents of the “Right to Repair” movement. However, Apple reportedly wasn’t the first to destroy musical instruments and other objects that celebrate human creativity to promote a product.

Is the Apple ad copied?

LG ran an ad campaign for its LG Renoir KC910 way back in 2008. This device was by no means a smartphone by today’s definition. However, this phone launched way before Android became the dominating smartphone Operating System (OS).

Despite not running Android OS, the LG Renoir KC910 could be considered a smartphone. It featured an 8MP rear camera. LG had even embedded an MP3 player software, which allowed users to play music on the go, on a multipurpose device. Needless to say, this was a big deal back in 2008.

To promote the Renoir KC910, LG published an ad that showed musical instruments, camera lenses, paint, and more being crushed. After brutally destroying creative and musical items, the promotional video revealed the phone.

While it is difficult to say for certain Apple copied LG for its iPad Pro ad, the resemblance is remarkable. Both ads highlight camera lenses exploding and other items slowly crushing under the unrelenting pressure from the hydraulic press. There’s, however, one glaring difference. While LG used a horizontal press, Apple opted for a vertical one.

Several reports imply LG never faced any heat for its ad the way Apple is facing for its iPad Pro ad. However, LG and Apple’s intentions could differ significantly.

LG seems to be promoting its phone and suggests it can perform the duties of several instruments and gadgets. However, Apple seems to be positioning the iPad Pro as a creative replacement for the various tools that the press destroyed. Perhaps the emergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), and the fact that it threatens creative roles, Apple’s iPad Pro ad may be rubbing many the wrong way.

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