New networking platform Hono launches to connect high achievers

Hono, a new professional networking platform, has officially launched, aiming to connect high achievers with an emphasis on genuine connections and societal impact. Founded by 17-year-old twins Alexander and Ethan Blewman, who hail from New Zealand and Indonesia, the platform is the result of their youthful ambition and belief in the power of meaningful networking.

Drawing inspiration from the adages, “your network is your net worth” and “you are the average of who you associate with,” Hono seeks to provide a selective environment that elevates members through quality connections. The founders envision the platform as a space where individuals can not only achieve personal success but also contribute to positive societal change.

The social impact commitment is at the core of Hono’s mission. The Blewman twins have pledged to allocate 50% of the platform’s revenue towards educational initiatives for disadvantaged communities. “High-quality individuals not only pursue personal success but also aim to make a difference in society,” said Alexander and Ethan Blewman, co-founders of Hono. As a result, membership in Hono inherently supports philanthropic efforts.

Candidates for the community undergo a rigorous vetting process to ensure they meet the platform’s high standards. This commitment to maintaining a quality network is central to the founders’ vision. “We are thrilled to launch Hono and extend an invitation to high achievers to join our exclusive community,” the Blewmans stated. “Driven by our passion for fostering genuine high-quality connections, we aim to empower individuals to reach their full potential while making a positive impact on society.”

Currently, Hono is also seeking investors to help expand and further develop its platform. The early adopters, as members, will have a significant influence in its evolution, ensuring it remains at the forefront of professional networking.

The timing of Hono’s launch reflects its ongoing commitment to transparency and development driven by member feedback. The platform encourages early adopters to shape its future, ensuring continuous innovation and relevance in the professional networking sphere.

“Join us at Hono as we embark on this exciting journey together, shaping the future of professional networking while making a positive impact on society,” the founders added.

Hono invites high achievers to apply for early access, promising a community that values excellence, exclusivity, and meaningful contributions to the world.

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