Sony has now sold more PS5 consoles than there are people in Canada

Over 59 million people have purchased the PlayStation 5 consoles since it was released which is higher than the population of countries like Canada, Spain, and South Korea.

On Tuesday (May 14) Sony released its earnings report as it wraps up its fiscal year 2023. In Q4 of 2023, PlayStation 5 sales amounted to 4.5 million units.

This brings the lifetime purchase number of PlayStation 5 consoles sold to 59.2 million units, with the fiscal year 2023 being the best performing in terms of sales for the console.

  • In 2020, 7.8 million units were sold of the console.
  • A year later, 11.5 million units were bought.
  • In 2022, 19.1 million purchased the PlayStation 5.
  • 20.8 million were sold in 2023.

As the console reaches the middle of its life cycle, all eyes are on Sony’s next move as a Pro version is rumored to launch within the upcoming holiday season.

What we know about the PlayStation 5 Pro

Fans haven’t wasted any time in trading rumors about a possible PlayStation 5 Pro with suggestions it could be in the hands of gamers this year.

According to claims, the console could be released for the holiday season at the end of the year.

As this version is the Pro, there are expectations this will be a whole lot more powerful than the PS5 Slim version which was a much lighter and smaller console.

A document obtained by the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead unveiled (in a video Sony had removed) several crucial specifications for the highly anticipated new console.

It indicates that the Pro model will feature significant enhancement in graphical performance, boasting rendering speeds up to 45% higher than the current PlayStation 5. The prediction has since been backed up by several other gaming media outlets.

Another industry rumor suggests the PS5 Pro will have a mode that targets 3.85GHz CPU frequency. If this is true, this will be a huge upgrade to the Slim which has an eight-core custom AMD Zen 2 at 3.5GHz and AMD RDNA 2 at 2.23 GHz.

There hasn’t been any formal announcement or reveal from the people at Sony as yet.

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